Kickball League Rules

I) Kickball Game Rules

A) General Game Information

1) Kickball teams consist of 10 (5 male / 5 female) or more players. However, games can be played with as few as 8 players.

2) Closed toed shoes are required and metal cleats are not allowed.

3) With the exception of the catcher, all defensive fielders must stay completely behind the line drawn between 1st and 3rd base until the ball has been kicked.

4) Players designated as outfielders must stay behind the arc drawn to separate the infield and outfield until the ball has been kicked.

5) Teams will supply their own pitcher during their offensive half of the inning.

6) Games will last 7 innings or no new inning will start after 50 minutes from the start of the game, whichever comes first.

7) Throwing the ball at the running is allowed, but not above the shoulders.

8) If a team is leading by 12 or more runs after 4 full innings of play, the game is over.

9) Regular season games may end in a tie, however, tournament games will not.

10) Most importantly, HAVE FUN.

B) Team Size

1) Teams shall consist of 10 players (maximum of 20 registered), 5 members of each gender.

2) Each team may play a maximum of 10 defensive players in the field at a time.

(a) When playing with 10 defensive players, the outfield and infield must have 2 men and 2 women. The pitcher and catcher must be of opposite gender as well.

3) Teams may play with as few as 8, 4 male and 4 female, players if necessary.

C) Equipment

1) All players must wear closed-toe shoes to participate.

(a) Non-metal cleats and turf shoes are allowed

2) The official ball used in the game is a 10” WAKA kickball.

(a) Kelly’s Bleachers will provide a ball for every game.

D) Playing Field

1) Kelly’s Bleachers kickball is played on our softball diamonds.

(a) The rules do not change depending on the playing surface, however, check with Kelly’s Bleachers for any official ground rules specific to the parks being used.

2) The field set up is the shape of a diamond with each base at 60 feet.

(a) The distance between home and first/third base is 60 feet.

(b) The distance between home and pitcher’s mound is ~40 feet.

(c) The distance between home and second base is ~84 feet.

II) Game Day Particulars: Games, Strikes, Balls, Fair or Foul?, Outs

A) Games

1) Prior to all games, the teams captains will meet with the game umpire to discuss ground rules.

2) The team listed second on the schedule will be the designated HOME team and play the field first.

3) Games will last 7 innings or 1 hour, whichever comes first.

(a) No new inning will start after 50 minutes from the official start time has elapsed.

(b) The home team will not kick in the bottom of the last inning if they are already ahead in score.

(c) If the home team takes the lead in the bottom of the last inning, the game will immediately be over.

(d) Regular season games may end in a tie.

4) Games are considered complete after 4 full innings are completed or 3.5 innings if the home team is winning.

B) Pitching: Balls and Strikes

1) The strike zone for kickball is 1 foot on either side of home plate.

2) Each kicker starts with a 1-strike count.

3) Strikes consist of taken pitches that cross within the strike zone and foul balls.

4) A total of 3 strikes in any combination results in a strikeout.

5) There are NO walks issued; players will bat until a kick is in play or a strikeout has been declared.

6) Foul balls may result from the following:

(a) A legally kicked ball hits in fair territory but goes foul before being touched by a fielder or reaching first/third base.

(b) A legally kicked ball hits foul territory prior to reaching first/third base and does not become fair before reaching first/third base.

(c) A legally kicked ball lands in foul territory beyond first/third base.

(d) A legally kicked ball making contact with an object while in foul territory.

(e) A ball that makes contact with the batter more than once during the kick attempt.

(f) Fair/Foul calls will always be made based on the location of the ball itself, with no regards to whether the defensive player contacting a ball is in fair or foul territory.

C) Outs

1) Each team has three offensive outs during their half of each inning.

2) An out will be called by the umpire when any of the following happen:

(a) A defensive player catches a kicked ball in flight, either in fair or foul territory.

(b) A defensive player tags a base that a base runner is forced to run to before the base runner gets there.

(c) A base runner is legally touched by a ball while not on a base.

(d) A base runner leaves the base before the ball has been kicked.

(e) On a play at first base, when the base runner does not use the designated “safety base” and there is a play at first.

(f) A base runner goes outside of the base line.

(g) A base runner deliberately runs into a defensive fielder.

(h) A non-defensive player yelling “I got it” or something similar in an effort to confuse the fielder.

D) Pitching

1) All pitches must be made from the pitching strip.

(a) Due to field conditions, pitchers may step in front of this line to pitch in order to get the ball to home plate to be kicked.

2) The pitch is executed by a member of the offensive team.

(a) A defensive player will stand by the pitcher for defensive purposes.

3) The pitcher may not interfere with the play of the ball and shall make an effort to avoid the ball while it is “live”.

(a) Intentional interference or failure to make an effort to move will result in an out.

 E) Catching

1) The catcher may run forward with the kicker as long as he/she does not interfere with the kicker.

(a) If the catcher does interfere, the umpire will call catcher’s interference and the kicker will be awarded first base.

F) Fielding

1) Defensive players must stay clear of the base paths while not making a play on the ball.

(a) Interference with a base runner while not making a play on the ball will award the base runner the base he/she was headed towards.

2) A defensive player may not purposely drop a ball hit in the air in an effort to earn a double play.

(a) There is no “infield fly rule” in kickball and as a result, the umpire will make the determination as to whether the ball was purposely dropped.

3) Defensive players may throw the ball at runners to make outs.

(a) Balls must make contact with the runner below the neck to be a legal throw.

(b) Balls contacting a player above the shoulders will result in the runner being safe.

(c) After a ball has legally hit a player, it is still considered “in play” and the remaining base runners may advance.

4) A play ends with the pitcher has control of the ball and is in the infield. For the play to be considered over, the pitcher must be within an imaginary 10 foot radius of the pitching strip and the umpire must declare the ball dead.

5) The umpire may also declare the ball dead when it is clear the runners show no desire to advance and any defensive player shows control of the ball.

G) Kicking

1) All players on a team may kick in the kicking lineup.

2) No Bunting.

3) Kicking lineups must alternate between male and female or vice versa.

4) The numbers of male and female players does not need to be equal in the kicking lineup but the alternating gender must still be adhered to.

5) If an uneven number of male/female players exists, the order for the males and females must remain the same but their order relative to one another will vary.

Kelly’s Bleachers General League Rules

A) Officials

1. Leagues run by Kelly’s Bleachers either have an official or are self-officiated. When self-officiated, the teams playing must be responsible for calling their own infractions. It is not the responsibility of the opponents to call a foul

2. Kelly’s Bleachers officials are responsible for the fair play of games, however, participants are still responsible for knowing and understanding the league rules. Officials will make calls based on established league rules and have the final say. Officials will work to provide fair and fun game play. If a participant is found to be disrupting this effort, the league official has the authority remove said player from the game

3. Participants choosing to yell at officials will NOT be tolerated!

B) Forfeits

1. Kelly’s Bleachers strives to provide fun and organized game play. This is achieved in large part by having teams committed to playing their scheduled games. However, from time to time a team may not be able to attend its scheduled game. In this case, it is the responsibility of the team to notify Kelly’s Bleachers at least 24 hours in advance of missing a game to report its forfeit. Teams who forfeit multiple times during a season may not be allowed to participate in the end-of-season tournament or may be removed from the league altogether.

C) Substitutions

1. Substitutions are allowed during the regular season. It is the responsibility of the team captain to explain the rules to subs before games begin. Teams may borrow players from other league teams as substitutes only during the regular season. When borrowing players from another team, a maximum number of subs allowed is the amount needed to have a full team on the field plus one. Teams must play their normal roster players ahead of substitutes who were borrowed from another team.

D) Playoffs Eligibility

1. From time to time, the need for substitute players during the playoffs becomes necessary. In this case, Kelly’s Bleachers allows for subs under the following conditions

2. In order to be eligible to participate in the end-of-season playoffs a player must have played at least one regular season game with the team

3. If the above term has not been met, a player may be considered eligible provided he/she is deemed to be no better than the player he/she is replacing. It is the responsibility of the team captain to make this judgment fairly.

4. Players may not be from another team unless the opposing teams’ captain approves.

a. Any player may be considered eligible if the opposing teams’ captain approves

b. Teams may be ruled ineligible by Kelly’s Bleachers for rule or sportsmanship infractions and will be notified if their eligibility has been revoked.

E) Standings / Seeding

  1. Throughout the season, league standings will be updated and displayed on the league webpage. The order shown on the page is not necessarily the order of seeding that will exist for the end-of-season tournament. In the case of multiple teams having the same regular season record, tie-breakers will be listed in the sport specific portion of the rules.

F) Sportsmanship

  1. Kelly’s Bleachers exists to provide adults with the ability to continue to compete in lifelong recreational play. We realize there will be intense moments during games, in particular towards the end of games or when a player makes a mistake in judgement, but we hope the Kelly’s Bleachers Spirit of Play will always remain
  2. Kelly’s Bleachers encourages players to play with a “Fun First, Win Second” attitude. Our leagues are about getting out and having a good time with old friends and new! Kelly’s Bleachers believes that encouraging good sports behavior is why players join and will remain in our leagues. Playing with Kelly’s Bleachers Spirit provides a non-threatening, fun environment for all levels of players. Good sporting behavior: behavioral tendencies of a person who can take loss or defeat without complaint, and victory without gloating, and who treats all opponents with fairness, generosity, courtesy and respect. This is the attitude we encourage all players to display on and off the playing field!

G) League Cancelation / Rainouts

1. Kelly’s Bleachers uses a few methods to inform teams when a rainout or game cancellation has taken place. The voice mail message for the phone line (262.662.1800) will be updated at 4:00pm with information regarding the status of league play. Additionally, Kelly’s Bleachers will e-mail team captains and update our Facebook page.

2.  please show up to the game location and seek information there about the status of games for the evening.

3. In the case of a rainout or game cancellation, Kelly’s Bleachers will attempt to reschedule the games. However, not all games are guaranteed and Kelly’s Bleachers reserves the right to shorten the league schedule, without issuing a refund, if necessary.

H) Website

  1. Kelly’s Bleachers website, is the source for all information regarding all team and league information. Please utilize the website functions for all scheduling and registration functions.

I) Rule Changes

  1. Kelly’s Bleachers reserves the right to change league rules at any time. Team managers will be made aware of rule changes and it then becomes their responsibility to communicate changes to their teams.